Why is Mexico such an important tourist destination?

Why is Mexico such an important tourist destination?

The cradle of the Nahuatl empire, it has always been a tourist destination, even in the time when the indigenous people were the owners and lords of this beautiful country, some places like Oaxaca and Acapulco were already tourist destinations for the inland tribes.

It is not a secret for anyone that the beautiful landscapes of Mexico have made it a world tourist destination, visited by different tourists for its delicious food, and also, of course, for the Mariachis, famous all over the world.

Between the 30s and the 50s, the era of golden cinema developed in Mexico, which, at that time, was on a par with American and European cinema, and which made the country’s culture known throughout the world. Stars like María Félix, Jorge Negrete and, of course, Pedro Infante, made this wonderful music and culture famous, so incredibly there are still people who visit the country with the aim of seeing the places where famous actors lived.


Tourism and health in Mexico


Another reason why Mexico has become a tourist destination is because of the medical, plastic surgery and dental treatments, which are really cheap and of incredible quality.


A dentist in Tijuana can have a successful clinic, in which he will see more than 20 patients a day, which denotes his success. In addition, plastic and bariatric surgeries are highly recommended, so vacation time is used for visitors to practice these types of activities and, while they recover, they can stay in any of Mexico retirement communities.


These have the practicality of being cheaper than a hotel, and have extremely important services for patients to recover after surgery.


Since these retirement home services are generally for seniors, the food is low in salt, low in sugar, practically fat free, etc. which is ideal for recovery in cosmetic surgeries.


In addition, in these houses, there is so much tranquility that you can rest and spend both the post-surgical time, as well as the monthly check-ups, after the operation.


Unique handcrafts 


Mexican handcrafts are famous all over the world, the leather work, shawls and dresses with unique and colorful embroidery are absolutely spectacular, and nothing better than taking an original mariachi hat, or the delicious and typical sweet skulls, to give to your loved ones.


Although it may not seem like it, tourists from all over the world come to Mexico to get a typical element of this beautiful country, and they get it at a great price.


Delicious food


Food in Mexico also attracts tourists. Mixes as famous as the real Mexican chili, which has that unique touch of spice with meat and a minimum of chocolate, is a truly interesting and attractive point both for chefs from other countries and for tourists from all over the world, who do not want to miss out anything about this wonderful country.