Surgeries and the best places to perform them

Surgeries and the best places to perform them

A surgery is a medical procedure in which the health professional directly manipulates the anatomical components (organs and tissues) of a sedated person for various purposes, although there are a large number of categories of This type of treatment, for practical purposes, can be differentiated between operations for health purposes and aesthetic operations.

The former, on the one hand, are practiced in order to improve people’s health, either by transplanting a healthy organ to replace one that is severely affected by a disease, or in order to remove a tumor that considerably affects a person. 

The second, on the other hand, is carried out to improve someone’s physical image, either through the reduction of body fat or through a correction of physical defects that, by nature, occur in certain parts of the body. .

If you are thinking of undergoing surgery, you will surely wonder about the place where you can have it done, since there are a huge number of clinics in the world, making a decision is quite complicated, that is why today we will talk about two places great for surgery.


Brazil: The colossus of South America

The largest country in South America, as well as the first Latin American economy, is a nation where there is a diverse market that offers practically any product or service to the public, this has motivated a lot of tourism both nationally as an international, either in order to spend vacations or, as is the case that concerns us on this occasion, to receive medical treatment.

Cosmetic surgeries have high quality standards in Brazil, mainly in cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which is why many people travel to these two places in order to have a much better appearance. Medical tourism generates great income for the Carioca homeland!


Tijuana: Capital of medical tourism

The city of Tijuana, located in the Mexican state of Baja California, is a special place for people who have undergone both aesthetic and health surgeries, because due to its proximity to the United States, many professionals both Americans and Mexicans who have studied in the first superpower settle in the city to have more competitive businesses and, therefore, an increased demand.

Bariatric surgery Tijuana, on the one hand, is requested by many people who suffer from obesity and seek a definitive solution to this problem. In this case, the size of the stomach is reduced so that the appetite and the amount of food to be satisfied decrease and thus, the problem of obesity ends.

Plastic surgery in Tijuana, on the other hand, is in great demand because a large part of the professionals with studies abroad specialize in this area of ​​medicine, precisely because more and more people turn to it to look better, with the advantage that the prices are not so high. Quite convenient for patients!

Undoubtedly, both Tijuana and Brazil are excellent places to undergo surgery. We assure you that you will not regret it!